Saturday, December 15, 2012

Everything at Once !

Singing to the tunes of Lenka - Everything at once, the song made famous by the wildfire advertising campaign of Nokia Lumia, in partnership with windows 8. At a time when the world of Android is somewhat hitting saturation, and the sacred followers feeling a tinge of monotony, Nokia is building the perfect resurrection path. Being a marketing student, I can't help but notice how important it is for a company to attack at the right time at the right place. With android market moving to the premium segment, Nokia is doing what it has always done the best - capture the medium priced segment of the market. ( I think I have started using more technical Jargon after entering MBA :O ! excuse me for that !! )

It is now quite evident that you will find a good smart phone not for less than 20 thousand rupees. In fact the latest smartphones are priced even higher ; crosseing the 30 thousand mark. The question to be asked here is- how many people are ready to shell out 30 thousand for a smartphone? Isn't the rate at which prices are rising a bit too fast? It is now visible to the naked eye that Samsung has willingly left its hold off the 10k-20k ranged phones. The only models that tend to create a tiny wave are the wave itself, or a couple of Galaxy- somethings, which have been launched merely just for the sake of it.

The history of smart phones need not be traced long back. Apple started the wave with the first iPhone and the capacitive touch. This wave turned into a tide with Android coming into picture and tide is now turning into a tsunami with cloud computing. 80% percent of the population is either buying a smart phone now or is planning to buy one. Not to mention the use of Whatsapp that has taken the telecom companies in for a ride. The sweet old short messaging service is counting it's last breath now. They used to earn millions during festive seasons by putting the special tariffs on hold ( and we, poor users had to shell out 1-1.5 rs per SMS ). This revenue has almost suddenly become zero, and there is nothing they can do to compensate for it, as increasing the call rates is again something that they cannot afford to do, considering the amount of competition there is in the market. I wonder what will happen if apps like Viber that allow free calls through the internet come into the big picture; the so-called telecom providers would just be limited to providing the 3G, 4G or then the n-G services.

Getting back to Nokia, poor fellow enjoyed the most respectable position for the major part of the century. Pity it had to witness this status twitter away and it fought so hard to retain it - but in vain. But now it is promising a strong comeback. People have finally started accepting the Windows phones as part of the family and the Lumia kids - the 510s and the 610s are now widely famous. WP 8 promises to create a strong foothold. We just have to wait and watch !

Moral of the story - Patience, Perseverance . Always wait for the enemy to make mistakes.