Monday, October 10, 2016

What drives the world?

For years I have asked myself this question. What is that one thing that makes you everything? Is that a good body? Is that the perfect job? The hottest girl? or the best friends?

For years I have tried to achieve all that. A good body. Why? To get the hottest girl. But then I saw that guy who had a ripped six pack as was still every bit of the loner as I am.

Then I thought of getting super rich. But I saw that guy who drove around a discovery but was still laughed at by everyone behind his back.

Then I felt proud of the fact that I have the best friends in the world. But then I realised so does everyone else.

So what is it that makes you you?

This brings me to another debate. What is that one weapon that kills everything? This one is easy to answer. Fear. Fear of waking up till late to not disturb the next morning. Fear of saying something that would upset your dad. Fear of doing something that might not be acceptable in the society. Fear of being 'you' to not be judged by others. Fear to carry the big dreams you saw as a child.

This fear suppresses that one thing that drives the world. And that is confidence. The tail of the coin where the head is fear.

What is it that Jack Black has despite having a bulging tummy? He does not need a six pack to woo girls. He has confidence. What we do not understand is that no matter how late we sleep at night, if we really are looking forward to the next day, we definitely will not screw it up. What we do not understand is that if we do not fear rejection, we will win the battle.

What we do not understand is that it is the fear that makes the other person over power you in an argument. Say it with confidence, and you will already have half the battle won. Do not fear a no. Because the weight of a hundred nos is still less than one yes.

Lead a life where you do not have to wait for the weekend to come. Be proud of what you are. Follow your instinct confidently. If you do that, you will realise that even though you lost, but that loss didn't feel bad at all. You would be proud of that loss. Because that is just one of the hundred weightless nos.

Wait for the yes. Always keep the coin tail up.