Sunday, August 19, 2012


Me - Dear God.. What is love?
God - Dear human.. love is a myth ! At least now it is.

Me - I don't understand. Why now?
God - Firstly, I didn't create the word. I created the feeling. Much similar to how I created Anger, Lust and Hatred. A feeling is omnipresent. You humans have started describing this feeling through this word. More importantly, love is not always between a boy and a girl.

Me - Even if it is between a boy and a girl, I still don't understand why it is a myth.
Aphrodite - I will tell you. The world that you live in does not adjust. There are no sacrifices. People just don't care. They mistake infatuation for love. Just because someone is good to you doesn't mean you should fall in love with them. That stage is called respect.

Me - What are you talking about? I have friends. I care for them. I can sacrifice a lot for them, and I still do.
Parvati - You do that. How many people around you would do that? We are living in Kalyuga. This is as far the civilization can go. Twenty years ago there used to be big families, people used to stay together, eat together, live together. Do you know what has given way to this disintegration ?

Me - Practicality. Everyone wants freedom. Everybody has their own thinking. It's better to stay away and be in good terms than live together and keep fighting.
Aphrodite -  So that proves that people now don't sacrifice.

Me - Umm... Maybe! But that's not what I was talking about. I was talking about "Love" in a relationship.
Eros - Ok let's talk about relationships. You were in one. At that time you felt she was everything. But then what happened? Things didn't work out. At that time you used to think you are in love and now you are not. This is not the feeling that I created. Love is ephemeral. It does not start or stop. That's why I say that it is a myth.

God - What is your take on friendship ?

Me - Don't ask me. For me it is everything. I am happy when I am with friends. I feel relaxed. You could see my true self then. I would go to any extent to make my friend happy.

God - That is what I call love. The point is, you can love anybody, not just a girl. As long as there is one person in the world who loves you in this sense, you should be happy. But people today are not contempt with anything. They want a partner. This time they mistake lust for love!

Me - Now you have confused me. First you said that love is a myth and now you are saying that you can love your friends. What is going on?

Kamadeva - Complications are in your head my son. I can see everything very clearly from here. Everything in this world is temporary, only feelings are not. People do things that make them happy. You should do things that makes everyone happy. Once everybody realizes this, there will be nothing but love!

Me  - You can see clearly? From where ? Where are you?
ALL - I am in you.

Me - What? Who are you?
ME - I am YOU!