Sunday, December 18, 2011

So what do you make of it ?

There is always a plan, and there are two things associated with it. Firstly, it is extremely hard to discover it, and secondly, even if you do find that out , you damn sure won't be able to follow it.

The Wor(l)d, Literally ! does not and will never post any of my personal experiences ever. It's all about pragmatism. In life, in everything. Some of those facts are stated below. You are free to ridicule them, although you may find it hard to do so.

1 . I am sure a majority of the people reading this are either students, or working professionals. I myself am one, working in an IT company. Believe me there is hardly ever any time to do all this. But it's all about the choice. I'll come back to that later. So we all have our workplaces. Next time when you go to the cafeteria for the afternoon lunch just strain your eardrums a bit and concentrate on the voices you hear around you. And soon enough you will realize that half the world around you is always complaining. If it's college, then the culprits would be parents, or girlfriends, or appeasing to those who don't have one, girls! It could have been the other gender as well but since I am one of them, I would rather use this one. Anyway, if it's office, then there are salary issues, incompatible flat-mates, room-mates, and yet again, girls! The point is in our daily life we are so bugged by these everyday matters that we forget to live, stay happy, and enjoy. If we have a hundred reasons around us to stay sad, then we do have a couple more to stay happy. You would more likely be complaining about having to wash the clothes than exult over the fact that you atleast know how to. It's always about what we choose to control us. Thus, the choice!

2. The evergreen adage that the grass is always greener on the other side never goes on deaf years. And yes, I do mean years. If you think about it, you probably have what you wanted five years back. But in those five years so many more desires have cropped up that the same accomplishment seems so diluted. When we were five, we wanted a cyle. Sooner or later, we had it. Then there was the desire to sit on the front seat whenever someone got the car out. After that, controlling the stearing or probably the gear box while dad was still driving meant everything. And we never really got satisfied till we got to learn to drive. All these things are inevitable, and part of growing up. And this still does not explain the common phrase. What explains it is that there are so many other things that we associate with this growing up that we realize were never a part of growing up and we never really had to gorge on them. When you're alone, you want friends. When you have them, you want girlfriends. When you have it all, there comes a time when you want some time for yourself. If you're living with parents, you want to live independently. If you do, you want them to be around. The very people who you love being with while meeting once or twice a day become ________ when you start living together. I guess we all would fill the blank with a different word. Two things can be concluded from here. Firstly, the lesser we expect, the happier we are. Secondly, too much familiarity breeds contempt!

And these two points will have the limelight in the next writeup.

PS - Like I said, you may find it ridiculous, but you cannot completely disagree with me!